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Happy Monday and New Year’s Eve day! Where are you going to be tonight? We will have champagne with neighbors then hang out with good friends. I’m looking more forward to the New Year’s Day brunches happening. A great new trend I am loving. The food is amazing and … you don’t have to dress up. In fact, pajamas are preferred! Here’s what’s up…just random thoughts…again!

Green Day is back on tour. BEST.CONCERT.EVER!

I had my first viral success with a photo I reposted on the Myriad Gardens Facebook page. 1,459 likes, 400+ shares, 80+ comments and 65 new people to the page…in like, hours! Thanks to Zach Nash for sharing a hauntingly beautiful snow covered downtown Oklahoma City photo. It had nothing to do, really, with the Myriad Gardens but the result of 65 new Facebook friends was a huge return. I had one client that didn’t like this kind of method. Big mistake! Big!

New Year’s Eve Portlandia marathon today! New season starts Friday. This show makes me laugh so hard. Heads-up: you’ve got to have an odd ball sense of humor. Of course Fred Armisen is hilarious but Carrie Brownstein is his perfect match.

My sister had us over for dinner last night. She brought out her and her husband’s record collection and invited us to take what we wanted it. It was truly a treasure trove. Both her and her husband are good at holding on to items for a long time and preserving. I picked five but now what? Collection photos below.

There will be some fun activity in the Paseo Arts District on New Year’s Day. Sure most of the stores and galleries will be closed but JRB Art at the Elms is having their annual New Year’s Day brunch and opening. Picasso’s Cafe on Paseo is having a Hungover Brunch.

It’s not too late to “Rent-a-Swag.” Love Parks n’ Rec! Check out this hilarious Pinterest page.

Got a busy week! My client, the newly elected Tim Rhodes, Oklahoma County Court Clerk, is getting inaugurated on Wednesday at the Oklahoma County Courthouse. I’ll be attending, taking and posting photos. He won in August. It’s been a long time coming!

I’ve fallen in love … with Instagram! Find me here and I’ll follow back! I’m a pretty amazing photographer… now! 🙂

Enjoy your first week of 2013!

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First Friday

Happy end of the week! Did everyone survive another 100++ day yesterday? My only beef was about my new OG+E Smart Meter program.It makes my house super hot during the 2-7pm peak hours and then it takes my house from 7pm-… I don’t know when, to recover. I’m sure there’s a quick fix for it. You know… I’m just one step away from my phone. I could call customer service about it but I’m just too hot, too lazy! I still endorse this program and recommend it.

Oh and also I had haters on one of my client’s pages because I posted about the gymnast winning the gold before it was televised. I feel if you don’t want to get early results, it’s best to stay off Facebook. I just deleted the post because it was getting brutal.

Here’s what’s on my mind:

  • The Flaming Lips will perform on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” as part of comedian Stephen Colbert’s recently announced “Pepsi Presents StePhest Colbchella ’012: Rocktaugustfest.” Taping August 10 then replays of different bands on the show.
  • Jimmy Fallon to possibly host the Oscars? Dear Jimmy Fallon: I love you! My sister and I are working on getting tickets to see him this late fall. Fingers crossed!
  • Brewing beer locally seems like a lot of science work. I salute people like J.D. Merryweather and his COOP Ale Works crew.
  • Note to self: build indoor dog walk. Good for hot summer & cold winter walking. My little Pomeranian’s paws just get so hot. When she gets home she soaks her paws in iced water. Seriously. We have not walked in a couple days actually.

Leslie’s OKC for this weekend!

This is from artist Heather Gorham. Her works will be at the JRB Art Gallery tonight!

  • Les Debris presents American Indian Art in Paris Reception and Exhibition, 5-8pm (this mother/daughter/granddaughter team are simply precious!)
  • First Friday Gallery Walk, Paseo Arts District, 6-10pm (lots of Facebook invites for each gallery – it’s very cool to see the energy).
  • Opening Reception for Generation Next: Chapter Two. Temporary exhibit by Desmond Mason in our Tulsa World Gallery. Tonight 6-8pm, Oklahoma Heritage Museum
  • Bank of America’s Museums on Us  first weekend free admission month for cardholders. Includes these fabulous Oklahoma museums: Oklahoma City Museum of Art, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the Gilcrease Museum and the Philbrook Museum of Art…great air conditioning too!
  • Total Recall has opened…thinking about it. Loved the 1990 version. Reviews are meh. Do I care?
  • OKCMOA is playing an independent film called Safety Not Guaranteed Friday-Sunday. Lots of social media buzz for it. It has Parks n’ Recs Aubrey Plaza (April) – love her!
  • The Toy & Action Figure Museum is celebrating International Superhero Day on Saturday. Everyone is encouraged to dress up as their favorite Superhero. T&AFM is really wanting to set a world record for most people in costume!
  • Libraries are now open on Sunday, 1-6pm. I heard rumor they’re designated “cool zones” during this heat wave. Air conditioning and WiFi is the best!
  • Salsa at the Devon Energy Sunday Twilight Concerts, Myriad Botanical Gardens, with Son del Barrio with Salsa/Meringue music.

Happy odd/even water rationing. I am on the “odd” side. I watered promptly this morning. I’m fighting the good fight!