Bob Schieffer, Bill Hader, Ackerman, Pet Costumes, Keitel and Jepsen, Toxic Workplace Environments

Happy Tuesday everyone! I got bit on the arm by my Pomeranian last night while breaking up a fight between her  and my Papillion Albert. I mean we’re talking bite marks and a bruise, that I’m going to be able to brag about for about a good week. They’re very sweet dogs too…. Other than that, here’s what’s on my mind:

I really like Bob Shieffer. He just seems so sweet, smart and he’s seen it all politically.

Another inspiring thing about Ray Ackerman. He was an outsider from Pittsburgh. “Ackerman, the outsider, showed us all that with perseverance — and some slick promotion — the outsiders can bring wondrous change to our city.” – Steve Lackmeyer, NewsOK

Bill Hader, Oklahoman done so good!

“Why I Left Goldman Sachs” intrigues me. Hmmmm. Let’s see – Goldman Sachs denies his stories and says he was disgruntled. Cliche. New buzz words: “Toxic environment.” It seems like a disease running out of control.

Cute story about kids who’s mom had their photos taken with the newspaper the day after presidential elections starting with Reagan’s landslide against Carter.

More on Argo. Ben Affleck likes to fill small roles with familiar faces. I thought that was Adrienne Barbeau but I would have loved to have seen Dawn Wells (Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island) get that too!

I love Bill Hader. He’s an Oklahoman and he’s so talented. I also love it when crack-ups happen on Saturday Night Live. They crack me up too!

Speaking of dogs, here’s a slideshow of funniest pet Halloween costumes. You can submit your own too!

Here’s that hilarious video with the Carly Rae Jepsen and Harvey Keitel’s duet of “Call Me Maybe” from the Night of a 1,000 Stars. Carly Rae is so cute. She reminds me so much of my niece Anna. The link will take you to other fun and inspiring performances.


My Vh1 Top 20 Video Review and more

Okay – I’ll admit… the heat got to me last night during the Paseo Arts District‘s First Friday Gallery Walk. It was a record breaking high for a low … If you saw me, I hope I didn’t offend. I was just either wanting to sit down or vomit. Yep – not good at conversation. I didn’t last long – well, home by 10pm. Still a great turnout for all the galleries. What troopers. I just made it to JRB Art at the Elms and the Avalon building. DONEZO! I really wanted to make Les Debris & Oklahoma Heritage Museum’s openings but alas…

Here’s what’s on my mind:

  • Will this NewsOK crime story make national news? It should. Woman stabs boyfriend with his power drill. She sped off in a PT Cruiser with a flat tire. Those lips!
  • Museums and libraries make great escapes from the heat. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum offer free admission for Bank of America cardholders today and tomorrow. Libraries are open Sundays, 1-6pm during the heatwave.


VH-1 Top 20 Video Countdown this week in review is everything old is new again but new is new still!

  • No Doubt is back & looking cool in Settle Down. Yes I want to do Gwin’s new dance.
  • Matchbox 20 sounds pretty good with She’s So Mean. Again – another soon to be overused Adult Contemporary Radio song.
  • Carly Rae Jepsen is so cute, reminds me of my niece Anna. She and Owl City have a song out together called Good Time. I like it!
  • I really like Linkin Park’s Burning it Down but I’m starting to wonder if they’re videos are all looking the same. But still stunning to watch.
  • Pink has a new video called Blow Me (One Last Kiss). It’s just a bit too dramatic for me. I’m sure it will be the next overused Adult Contemporary Radio song as well. Not a hater – I still really like her.
  • Katy Perry is number one with Wide Awake. That has to be about her marriage break-up. Duh.
  • How am I not seeing Kelly Clarkson in Thackerville tonight? I know … it’s way over across the state in Thackerville. Love her new video Dark Side.
  • Flo Rider – that house on the beach in the Whistle video is unreal. I’m really liking him! I am actually pulling up some of his old songs and rediscovering him.
  • And my favorite NEW band, who’s video has finally grown on me is The Lumineers’ Ho-Hey. I like the way the stomp their feet when they say HEY. Who are these people? I’m intrigued. Looks like two guys and a girl. Seems a bit Irish. More to discover!

Random thoughts for a Wednesday and August

Good morning! I have too many random thoughts to post out on social media today so I’m going to do this blog – simple and “linkey”…

  • It’s going to be the HOTTEST DAY ever in Oklahoma City – let’s avoid going insane, drinking, going to water parks, taking off your clothes. NewsOK
  • Oklahoma City Public Schools are back in session today! Definitely watch your speed limits and know when your school districts. It can be ‘oh that’s right – I’m in PC school district now, I can speed.’
  • My neighbors got their yard “tp’d”… I don’t get that. I never got that when I was a teenager in North Carolina and Virginia. ‘I love you teenage boy so I’m going to buy a lot of toilet paper and cause a lot of clean-up work on your parents. XOXO’
  • I’m a Today Show girl but this Olympics coverage is too much overload for me. I want to just be in USA mentally instead of London so I switched over to Good Morning America, same thing. Then I went to CBS This Morning. Wow! I like no non-sense news in the morning…who knew?? I do love the CBS Sunday Morning.
  • Yahoo is poo poo as a search engine.
  • The NW 63rd Street southbound exit ramp on Broadway Extension opens at noon today. I think it’s cool looking.
  • A new Brady Bunch show?? Vince Vaughan really? I’m going to sit back and watch this.
  • Metropolitan Libraries are now open Sundays, 1-6pm. They’re considered “cool zones” during this heatwave. Thinking about checking out the new NW library that’s named after Patience Latting. I hear there are glass cubical type areas. All the libraries have great air conditioning and each their own groupies! Now if they would just let us bring in our iced-coffee drinks!
  • MTV started on this day 31 years ago. I thank the music gawds for VH-1’s Top 20 Video Countdown on Saturday mornings starting at 8:30am. I record it. Rewatch it. Pick and chose who I think I’m going to download. It really keeps me in the loop. I love music videos. Too bad MTV doesn’t.
  • Andy Cohen is loving the Men’s diving competition at the Olympics. I love Andy!
  • August is
    American Adventures Month
    Black Business Month
    Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month
    Children’s Vision and Learning Month
    Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
    Immunization Awareness Month, Natl
    Neurosurgery Outreach Month
    Panini Month, Natl
    Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
    Stevens Johnson Syndrome Awareness Month
    What Will Be Your Legacy Month
    Win with Civility Month, Natl
  • Joe Elliott from Def Leppard turns 53 today. I met the band once…as many of you know. It was 1987. Joe came up to me, reached out his hand, shook my hand and said, ‘Hi! I’m Joe! Your name is?’ Me, ‘Leslie?’ He was so polite. So professional. Then I heard what they did with groupies during the concert, under their round stage and then after the concert. I was icked out then I got perhaps offended that I wasn’t selected. Then I grossed out again.

As a tribute to Joe & music videos, I give you one of my favorite Def Leppard songs that I felt should have been a lot more popular. Love their tribute to 70s glam rock.

First Friday Night in the Big Town

My Jeep Liberty filled with 50 pizza pizzas!

Ugh! I hate being cliché. That’s what Gary England (KWTV) started a long time ago: “Friday  night in the big town.” Well you can always count on the First Friday Night being big in the Paseo District. The Second Friday being big in the Plaza District and who knows if something doesn’t come up for the third and fourth Fridays. I feel like I spent my 40s mostly on a couch on a Friday night. My man works on Friday nights and I was always so tired from my day job that I just crashed trying to watch The Soup and The Fashion Police on Etv. Now that I’m on my own I feel I now have energy to enjoy Friday night in the big town! I want to see as many people as possible now too! So I attempted to hit about four places on May the Fourth be with you!

Number one was a volunteer commitment at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for their Youth Arts Advocates’ second roof terrace party. The first one was held in the fall. It was a “Back to School” event and it was truly awesome. This was their “End of School” party. Thanks to my friend Peggy and the fabulous Little Caesar’s Pizza connection, I agreed to deliver 50 pizzas for the party. The teens were so cute. The theme was black and white. More than 400 attended. I think what’s got to be cool for the Museum is finding the next generation and letting these young ones feel like their on top of their hometown city’s skyline. That maybe  they can see excitement at a future in Oklahoma City….if they don’t and leave well, that’s what they’ve got to do. Check out the photo gallery! 

Amy celebrating with a Chihuly martini in the Museum Cafe

While at the Museum I ran into a good friend Amy Young who was celebrating the defense of her thesis so we had a toast in the Museum Cafe, which was PACKED with people going to see Celebrity Attractions Fiddler on the Roof. Gawd I love that musical. I know every word to every song from the movie of the same name that was huge in the early 70s. I dreamed of a wedding with those bottle dancing men. The bar group that gathered toasted Amy’s celebration with martinis designed by the Cafe called Chihulys.

Amy has become quite Miss Paseo, in my opinion! She and a partner purchased a building and are refurbishing it to become a learning center/art place and whatever else it may blossom into. It’s called SixTwelve. Here’s the Facebook page. Good luck Amy! Keep me on your evite list!

Speaking of Paseo, it was time to head to the Paseo District for their First Friday Gallery Walk. Man has that event gotten BIG! It’s so cool to see such activity. I went to JRB Art at the Elms. The infamous Joy Reed Belt was of course there hosting, entertaining with her random words of wisdom. The flowing champagne was ending. The artists that on exhibit were the painted fantasies of Chicago artist Eleanor Spiess-Ferris, who is acknowledged as one of America’s great visionary women artists and Oklahoman Beth Hammack’s abstract paintings. Press release.

Hanging with JRB Art at the Elms sculpture

I looked over west towards the Paseo District and it was packed. So much activity. Creative lights flowing. Sales registers ringing. Of course Paseo is gearing up for their annual Paseo Arts Festival, which will be Memorial Day weekend. Click here for more and I’ll be back to first Friday in June!

It was the eve of Cinco de Mayo so what better way to start your celebration then to attend the Cinco de Mayo party of NewsOK’s Food Dude, David Cathey. First of all, David is so so cool. He is friend to many restaurant and chef types because he so creatively covers them through the paper. He also has a great social media following, especially on Twitter. He was very helpful in covering the Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s ARTonTAP and Omelette Party when I worked there. I felt it was time to see his home and dine on his food. I headed way way northwest. Paid the toll for the Kilpatrick Turnpike to get there. It was worth it. In addition to his coolness, is wife Lori is super dooper cool. Oh and they have very cool pets. A black and white cat that had personality. A long-hair dachshund who pretty much thought everyone was there for them and a sweet elderly beagle. Apparently Lori helped her lose a lot of weight. Do you know how hard it is to put an overweight pet on a diet?? She must be a miracle worker.

Hi there Food Dude’s kitty kitty! I was just putting up my purse and he was watching me like this.

I got to see some reporters I had worked with at the paper including that darling Carrie Coppernoll. My dad always reads what she writes and I know that because when the Museum was mentioned, he would call to say he saw it. Photographer Jim Beckel was there. He helped me cover the opening of the Museum in 2002. He was really great with capturing the Chihuly installation. It was a lovely party but I was done.

Friday night was a BIG NIGHT for me in the town! There is always something to do on a Friday night!