First Friday Paseo | VW Jamaica Ad | American Idol OKC | Puppy Bowl! | GB 30 Rock | Johnny Cash | Dancing Aime | Andy Cohen is mad at Lord Grantham!

Happy Thursday! There is so much on my mind I had to do another blog. Here’s what’s up:

First Friday Fashion at JRB Art at the Elms… I’m trying to encourage everyone, including men, to wear hats. Bonus: playing the hat game! Did you ever play that? It’s like musical chairs but you are taking the hat off the person to the right of you. Hair gets messed up.

I love the VW Jamaica ad. Mostly  because I think it says ‘lighten up corporate America.’  No racists mon! No worries – oney bun will com soon mon!”

Set your DVRs tonight for American Idol with the final auditions  being held in Oklahoma City. Fingers crossed they show great singers and excellent city scenes! PS. I was at the Aerosmith concert when Ryan and — came on stage. Wonder if that will be included?

Don’t forget about PUPPY BOWL on Sunday!

Another DVR setting heads-up, last night for 30 Rock! Here are other articles:

Johnny Cash is getting his own stamp. I love this clip of him singing “Ring of Fire.”

I love when mascots get together and do silly things. Imagine how much I love this: “Japan sets world record for most dancing mascots.” Not as familiar with anime characters however….

Love the way this reporter handles a live shot crasher down in New Orleans. I mean, the reporter knew what she was getting in to right?

Andy Cohen is FURIOUS with Lord Grantham of Downton Abbey! He’s made him the Jackhole of the day twice and has started a Twitter has tag #cora & #teamcora. He understand he’s not real but still … he’s mad!

Shoe Gallery Super Bowl Sale ! You’re welcome!


Random thoughts for a Wednesday and August

Good morning! I have too many random thoughts to post out on social media today so I’m going to do this blog – simple and “linkey”…

  • It’s going to be the HOTTEST DAY ever in Oklahoma City – let’s avoid going insane, drinking, going to water parks, taking off your clothes. NewsOK
  • Oklahoma City Public Schools are back in session today! Definitely watch your speed limits and know when your school districts. It can be ‘oh that’s right – I’m in PC school district now, I can speed.’
  • My neighbors got their yard “tp’d”… I don’t get that. I never got that when I was a teenager in North Carolina and Virginia. ‘I love you teenage boy so I’m going to buy a lot of toilet paper and cause a lot of clean-up work on your parents. XOXO’
  • I’m a Today Show girl but this Olympics coverage is too much overload for me. I want to just be in USA mentally instead of London so I switched over to Good Morning America, same thing. Then I went to CBS This Morning. Wow! I like no non-sense news in the morning…who knew?? I do love the CBS Sunday Morning.
  • Yahoo is poo poo as a search engine.
  • The NW 63rd Street southbound exit ramp on Broadway Extension opens at noon today. I think it’s cool looking.
  • A new Brady Bunch show?? Vince Vaughan really? I’m going to sit back and watch this.
  • Metropolitan Libraries are now open Sundays, 1-6pm. They’re considered “cool zones” during this heatwave. Thinking about checking out the new NW library that’s named after Patience Latting. I hear there are glass cubical type areas. All the libraries have great air conditioning and each their own groupies! Now if they would just let us bring in our iced-coffee drinks!
  • MTV started on this day 31 years ago. I thank the music gawds for VH-1’s Top 20 Video Countdown on Saturday mornings starting at 8:30am. I record it. Rewatch it. Pick and chose who I think I’m going to download. It really keeps me in the loop. I love music videos. Too bad MTV doesn’t.
  • Andy Cohen is loving the Men’s diving competition at the Olympics. I love Andy!
  • August is
    American Adventures Month
    Black Business Month
    Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month
    Children’s Vision and Learning Month
    Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
    Immunization Awareness Month, Natl
    Neurosurgery Outreach Month
    Panini Month, Natl
    Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
    Stevens Johnson Syndrome Awareness Month
    What Will Be Your Legacy Month
    Win with Civility Month, Natl
  • Joe Elliott from Def Leppard turns 53 today. I met the band once…as many of you know. It was 1987. Joe came up to me, reached out his hand, shook my hand and said, ‘Hi! I’m Joe! Your name is?’ Me, ‘Leslie?’ He was so polite. So professional. Then I heard what they did with groupies during the concert, under their round stage and then after the concert. I was icked out then I got perhaps offended that I wasn’t selected. Then I grossed out again.

As a tribute to Joe & music videos, I give you one of my favorite Def Leppard songs that I felt should have been a lot more popular. Love their tribute to 70s glam rock.