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Happy Monday and New Year’s Eve day! Where are you going to be tonight? We will have champagne with neighbors then hang out with good friends. I’m looking more forward to the New Year’s Day brunches happening. A great new trend I am loving. The food is amazing and … you don’t have to dress up. In fact, pajamas are preferred! Here’s what’s up…just random thoughts…again!

Green Day is back on tour. BEST.CONCERT.EVER!

I had my first viral success with a photo I reposted on the Myriad Gardens Facebook page. 1,459 likes, 400+ shares, 80+ comments and 65 new people to the page…in like, hours! Thanks to Zach Nash for sharing a hauntingly beautiful snow covered downtown Oklahoma City photo. It had nothing to do, really, with the Myriad Gardens but the result of 65 new Facebook friends was a huge return. I had one client that didn’t like this kind of method. Big mistake! Big!

New Year’s Eve Portlandia marathon today! New season starts Friday. This show makes me laugh so hard. Heads-up: you’ve got to have an odd ball sense of humor. Of course Fred Armisen is hilarious but Carrie Brownstein is his perfect match.

My sister had us over for dinner last night. She brought out her and her husband’s record collection and invited us to take what we wanted it. It was truly a treasure trove. Both her and her husband are good at holding on to items for a long time and preserving. I picked five but now what? Collection photos below.

There will be some fun activity in the Paseo Arts District on New Year’s Day. Sure most of the stores and galleries will be closed but JRB Art at the Elms is having their annual New Year’s Day brunch and opening. Picasso’s Cafe on Paseo is having a Hungover Brunch.

It’s not too late to “Rent-a-Swag.” Love Parks n’ Rec! Check out this hilarious Pinterest page.

Got a busy week! My client, the newly elected Tim Rhodes, Oklahoma County Court Clerk, is getting inaugurated on Wednesday at the Oklahoma County Courthouse. I’ll be attending, taking and posting photos. He won in August. It’s been a long time coming!

I’ve fallen in love … with Instagram! Find me here and I’ll follow back! I’m a pretty amazing photographer… now! 🙂

Enjoy your first week of 2013!

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My Vh1 Top 20 Video Review and more

Okay – I’ll admit… the heat got to me last night during the Paseo Arts District‘s First Friday Gallery Walk. It was a record breaking high for a low … If you saw me, I hope I didn’t offend. I was just either wanting to sit down or vomit. Yep – not good at conversation. I didn’t last long – well, home by 10pm. Still a great turnout for all the galleries. What troopers. I just made it to JRB Art at the Elms and the Avalon building. DONEZO! I really wanted to make Les Debris & Oklahoma Heritage Museum’s openings but alas…

Here’s what’s on my mind:

  • Will this NewsOK crime story make national news? It should. Woman stabs boyfriend with his power drill. She sped off in a PT Cruiser with a flat tire. Those lips!
  • Museums and libraries make great escapes from the heat. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum offer free admission for Bank of America cardholders today and tomorrow. Libraries are open Sundays, 1-6pm during the heatwave.


VH-1 Top 20 Video Countdown this week in review is everything old is new again but new is new still!

  • No Doubt is back & looking cool in Settle Down. Yes I want to do Gwin’s new dance.
  • Matchbox 20 sounds pretty good with She’s So Mean. Again – another soon to be overused Adult Contemporary Radio song.
  • Carly Rae Jepsen is so cute, reminds me of my niece Anna. She and Owl City have a song out together called Good Time. I like it!
  • I really like Linkin Park’s Burning it Down but I’m starting to wonder if they’re videos are all looking the same. But still stunning to watch.
  • Pink has a new video called Blow Me (One Last Kiss). It’s just a bit too dramatic for me. I’m sure it will be the next overused Adult Contemporary Radio song as well. Not a hater – I still really like her.
  • Katy Perry is number one with Wide Awake. That has to be about her marriage break-up. Duh.
  • How am I not seeing Kelly Clarkson in Thackerville tonight? I know … it’s way over across the state in Thackerville. Love her new video Dark Side.
  • Flo Rider – that house on the beach in the Whistle video is unreal. I’m really liking him! I am actually pulling up some of his old songs and rediscovering him.
  • And my favorite NEW band, who’s video has finally grown on me is The Lumineers’ Ho-Hey. I like the way the stomp their feet when they say HEY. Who are these people? I’m intrigued. Looks like two guys and a girl. Seems a bit Irish. More to discover!

My VH1 Top 20 Video of the Week: Fun

For eleven years, every Saturday, I record the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown. It’s really helped me stay on top of the latest in music. I love videos.  My dream goal in the


1980s was to be an MTV video dancer… Anyho. Here’s my pick this week. A band named Fun and We Are Young. They’re theatrical, punky. I like punky. The video is beautifully shot. Especially love the slow motion. Speaking of slow, the song starts slow and different then totally changes up to a more dramatic sound…I ♥ IT!

From Wikipedia:

Fun. is an American indie pop band based in New York City, New York that was formed by Nate Ruess, formerly of The Format. After the 2008 breakup of The Format, Ruess then formed Fun with Andrew Dost of Anathallo and Jack Antonoff of Steel Train.[1] Fun has released two albums, their debut Aim and Ignite in 2009 and their latest Some Nights in February, 2012.

The band is best known for their hit single “We Are Young” featuring Janelle Monáe, which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and Digital Songs charts. The song marks the first time in over a decade a multi-member rock band made a Billboard debut with the #1 spot in the Hot 100 since Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me” in December 2001.