Banana Seat | Shakespeare | H&8th | Lower Bricktown | NKOTB, 98 Degrees & Boys II Men | The OKC Boat District will be rockin’ … Again!

Can you believe July is here? Or rather, can you Belieber July is here – in honor of the Justin Beiber concert on Tuesday. Yes, I said it. If you thought June was insane, and there’s still more to come, July doesn’t settle down any. Especially at the Chesapeake Energy Arena! Here’s what I have today:

Wednesday, June 26

Thursday, June 27

  • Cocktails on the Skyline with Roof Top Dogs, Roof Terrace, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 5-10pm
  • Summer History Symposium featuring: Dr. James “Bud” Robertson, Te Ata Memorial Auditorium located in Troutt Hall on the USAO Campus , 7:30pm
  • Lyric Theater, Tarzan, Civic Center Music Hall, 8pm
  • Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park presents Ring Round the Moon, Water Stage, Myriad Gardens,8pm

Friday, June 28

 Saturday, June 29

 Sunday, June 30

 Tuesday, July 2



What’s Happening Wednesday: Jazz | Anime | Lower Bricktown Live | Roller Derby | Full Moon Bike Ride | Summer Solstice | Tarzan

FJust when I thought it was going to be a not so crazy week in Oklahoma City, BAM! I took a closer look and there’s some pretty great stuff happening. And once again, with variety and for so many demographics. I love it!

Friday is Summer Solstice. It will be the longest day of the year. Sunrise is at 6:15am. Sunset is at 8:48pm. What will you do for the longest day of the year?

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Thursday, June 20

Friday, June 21

Saturday, June 22

Sunday, June 23

Monday, June 24

Tuesday, June 25

What’s Happening Wednesday with the Egg: Daddy, Dave, Plaza, Seniors, Tuna, Huey, Hippie, Chalk

Hola! Hope you’re having a great week. I am. Just feel really together this week. It’s a great feeling to have. The heat is on OKC and for once, I don’t hate it! I embrace it! Last weekend was insanely filled with events. Too bad the Charlie Christian Festival just canceled. I thought that was odd. And when are we going to get over the fact that this city can have more than one event on one weekend? We’ve arrived! We have arrived.

Father’s Day is Sunday. Thanks to MetroFamily Magazine for their wonderful list of things to do on Sunday. It’s posted below.

The featured image I’m using is of me, my sisters Janet and Kathy and my dad from 1968 in a traditional backyard little pool. I’m the baby! A little tribute to my dad, Bob Spears.

Here’s what I have going on this weekend:

Wednesday, June 12

Thursday, June 13

Friday, June 14

 Saturday, June 15

Sunday, June 16  FATHER’S DAY

  • The Non-Pro Cutting Horse Event, State Fairpark, 8am-10pm
  • FREE Admission for Dads at the following venues via MetroFamily Magazine:

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, 10am-5pm
Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, noon-6pm
Science Museum Oklahoma (with the donation of a new children’s book for the Boys & Girls Club), 11am-6pm
Oklahoma City Zoo, 9am-5pm
Myriad Gardens Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, 11am-5pm

My month in Instagrams – May 2013

This is something new I’m going to start. I’ve become an Instagram fanatic! I think these images can sum up my month’s experience better than words! But here are words to summarize:

First Friday in Paseo, a KFOR interview with Ali, (@amanchor), Kentucky Derby, Ladybugs, Silo Art Project, Eggman, Captain Lucky the foster dog, Amtrak Heartland Flyer to Ft. Worth, remembering Carolyn Hill, saying goodbye to Camp Cimarron, a sudden heartbreaking death, Memorial Day weekend at the lake, and an insane weather month.

I encourage you to get on Instagram today! Look for me @lesliesokc!

Attending Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership Event

This past spring I had the great fortune to attend the EntreLeadership one-day event with Dave Ramsey at the Cox Convention Center. This is different from his Total Money Makeover events. Seeing him speak in person was awesome! He is an amazing speaker who uses humor, humility, and his experiences to explain his company’s philosophy on creating a productive, successful workplace environment. He’s passing on lessons learned from growing his Nashville-based business from the bottom up. It was not an aha-moment for me, which has become so cliché. It was more like I stepped outside of my body and saw some things I’ve done in my career life.

The bottom line is something I’ve known for a while now and that’s how people are treated. From staff, clients, vendors – even competitors. I really feel like a lot of companies have forgotten this and it’s become an epidemic. You treat employees great, you’ll have happy customers. Respect vendors and competitors falls under “what goes around-comes around..”

Here are my notes but really, if you get an opportunity to go, do it. There is a book out but seeing him tell it in person is mind opening. I also really enjoyed John Acuff, author of the book Quitter, which is exactly what I’ve done as well a growing list of others. Chris Hogan was also great to see in person. What a voice!

Me, Dave Ramsey and Colin with Little Caesars Pizza corporate office

Me, Dave Ramsey and Colin with Little Caesars Pizza corporate office

Definitions in a workplace environment: 

  • The “Leader” is a person who rules, guides or inspires others.
  • Entrepreneur:  A person who organizes, operates and assumes risk for a venture.
  • Entreleadership:  The process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper.

The Playbook for success:

  • A championship team is no accident.

PEOPLE Matter: (I capitalized People – this is huge to me!) 

  • Customers are people; don’t treat them like revenue units.
  • Vendors are people; treat them like family.
  • Team members are people, not units of production.
  • Competitors are people; don’t destroy them to win.


Rabbi Daniel Lapin says: God Is inordinately pleased when we are obsessively, compulsively preoccupied with the needs of others.If you help enough people, you don’t have to worry about money.


Team and a Culture of Excellence Matters

Great organizations have unity intentionally.

5 main enemies of unity:

  • Poor communication
  • Gossip
  • Unresolved disagreements
  • Lack of shared purpose
  • Sanctioned incompetence

Here are other tips:

  • Proper hiring – take at least 5 interviews to hire the right person.
  • Why team members fail: Leadership failure; Personal problems ; Incompetence
  • Slow & steady matters – be the tortus.
  • The most successful owners continue to read, learn and personally grow.
  • Debt drastically increases risks and magnifies mistakes.
  • It’s not the money; it’s the work that matters.
  • You can win at business without losing your soul.

Big special thanks for my wonderful client Little Caesars Pizza and my good friend Peggy Davidson for offering me a seat in their section.

It’s the week of the Festival! Red Earth, deadCENTER, Prix de West & Charlie Christian, plus Paseo, Shakespeare, Running, Kenny Wayne Shepherd …

It’s a magical time of year in Oklahoma City! It’s the WEEKEND OF THE FESTIVAL! I mean, there’s just something for EVERYONE! deadCENTER Film Festival starts Wednesday, Red Earth Festival (love the parade & grand entry), the Charlie Christian International Music Festival and the Prix de West start on Friday. Always happy for First Friday Gallery Walk in the Paseo Arts District. A lot of people are talking about the Kenny Wayne Shepherd concert at the Diamond Ballroom, which is a benefit concert for the tornado victims. I’ve included the Jerry Jeff Walker concert at Riverwind on Friday… just reminds me of the days when I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina. My mom and I just loved that Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother song and we were anything but redneck! It was the 70s. We leaned the happy hippie style.

Please enjoy. There is so much to do in this town! Don’t ever get baffled. Let me help you! Let me… tell you where to go!

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Wednesday, June 5

Thursday, June 6

Friday, June 7

Saturday, June 8

Sunday, June 9