Me at the ribbon cutting of the new I-40 Crosstown on January 5, 2012. My fourth highway opening to attend! Photo by the amazing Rick Buchanan, aka-the Kevin Bacon of Facebook.

A gal who loves her town, her city, Oklahoma City so much, she wants to talk about it but in a realistic tone. Very casual. The people are the best. Its a town with plan after plan that always keeps you on your toes through the good and bad.

About me

After graduating from high school in Alexandria, Virginia, my mom, at the inspiration of my brother Stan, encouraged me to move back to my hometown Oklahoma City. I packed up three flimsy suitcases and bought a one-way airline ticket. I walked down the DC National airport terminal with my mom, my best friend Cathy Crump, my little friend Nathan and his mom P.J. oh and a boyfriend Donald all saying, “goodbye” over and over again. I was scared. I cried on the plane. I was only 17. My brother and sister picked me up at Will Rogers World Airport. Day time had become night time. I was worn out. I fell asleep on my brother’s couch. The next morning I woke up to a most beautiful, bright blue sky. Birds chirping. I just knew then it was the right decision. I didn’t return to Virginia until the 10th anniversary class reunion.


My careers have been fun and icky. I was a bank teller for three years. Got fired as a bank teller at Lakeshore Bank the same time Penn Square Bank went under. In the unemployment line, standing with laid-off GM workers and oilies,  I made it seem like I was a casualty of the Penn Square Bank fiasco when really I just was horrible with money. I couldn’t balance a drawer to save my life!  I was FIRED!  Basically told, ‘never ever come back here ever ever again. Give us your keys and please leave now.’ Pretty sure I cried. I was scared. I was totally on my own. It was the 80s. The oil bust had just started. I learned then to not be too proud to collect unemployment. Unemployment saved my life.

Moving on to Radio

I remained unemployed for six months. I wasn’t very bright by applying at other banks. It was all I knew to do… or so I thought. A family friend worked at a printing company named Jackson Press. They needed a receptionist. I applied and was hired! I learned so much about the printing business. When it wasn’t busy or I was on a break, I would sneak back into the press rooms and watch how printing happened. It was a true art form. I also remembered names, voices and met advertising production managers. This led me to a job at an ad agency named GKD Advertising. Again there I learned what I could about advertising, I was a sponge soaking up knowledge. Remembering names and faces. It was there I met people from the broadcasting community. Sales reps there to call on the media buyer. I loved them. I could just talk to them forever! They gave me things like movie screening passes. I soon found myself a connoisseur of seeing movies before they opened. Oh and they threw parties! Opulent parties. Parties that were legendary and you can bet, I went to everyone I could.

KZBS was the first station to hire me. What an experience that was. It was run by a station owner named Bill Lacy. That’s a blogpost at another time. They didn’t call him spacey Lacy for nothing.


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