Paint Palette Bricktown | MLK events | 30 Rock Finale | Festival of the Arts FOOD! | deadCENTER at Sundance | Django | Davy Jones | Little Caesars Pizza

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend! I’m super pumped. Here’s some fun items I’m just passing on….

Lance McDaniel, director of deadCENTER Film Festival, with OKCMOA film curator Brian Hearn prepare for Sundance Film Festival

Lance McDaniel, director of deadCENTER Film Festival, with OKCMOA film curator Brian Hearn prepare for Sundance Film Festival

This paint/palette concept will be great for Bricktown..wondering if this concept is getting over saturated? Regardless, I don’t hate people painting on canvas. You would be surprised at how people are afraid to paint on a canvas. I love it always!

30 Rock ends on January 31. Here are favorite 30 Rock one-liners of all time. Tracy Morgan says, ‘I’m going to miss playing Tracy Jordan, but I think we got everything we could out of that character.’ I agree. Maybe now I will call him Tracy Morgan and not Tracy Jordan.

Here is this year’s list of food vendors for the Festival of the Arts, which will be April 23-28. I am making my food court plans. Seriously, it should always be strategic.

Sundance Film Festival time! YouTube will be featuring film shorts. I really love those! The deadCENTER Film Festival team and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art film curator Brian Hearn are there. I would follow the deadCENTER’s Twitter feed. It can be exhausting but worth every second of the journey.

I see big things for the “East End Bricktown”… a new name I’m dubbing. Hahaha. You heard it first here! Kind of kidding.

James Franco plays a corn-row headed drug dealer in MTV’s Spring Breakers movie.

Martin Luther King Jr. events galore! Individual Arts of Oklahoma, Myriad Gardens gospel concert & lecture, download the downtown OKC parade map route and … PARKING METERS ARE FREE!

Django Unchained is Quentin Tarantino’s highest grossing film ever. I turned down going to see it at Christmas. His films are just so violent and too brutal for me. Then again I’m watching American Horror Story.

NewsOK’s features editors posted a calendar of upcoming films through the fall! I’m eyeing Anchorman 2 and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone… for now.

The Sandy Hook conspiracy theory debunked by experts … people – don’t be sending around this stuff without fact checking first. I can’t believe someone came up with this.

Check out this video posted to my Facebook page of a sweet song Davy Jones was recording before is passing called Your Personal Penguin. So sweet…I really miss him.

I am pleased to announce I have Little Caesars Pizza, Oklahoma, as a new client. Please follow along my new adventures in pizza promotion! Come on, make me look good – like their Facebook page and I’ve set up an Instagram page too!

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