Worst and Best lists of 2012, Steve Carell’s Mullet, Best People Watching in OKC, Sweet Brown Vortex, Mayan calendar will you end already?

Happy Wednesday! Will this be the year I take a little pride in my gift wrapping? Here’s what’s on my mind:

Best holiday people watching? The Devon Energy Ice Skating Rink. It’s so sweet and yet hysterical. Couples and families skating hand-in-hand. It’s official, most kids/teens in OKC don’t know how to ice skate but they still love it… like me! I will skate this year too!

I have been stuck in a Sweet Brown vortex. Ahhh …I love local YouTube celebrities. There’s just something very funny about her. She’s been on Tosh 2.0 and Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen adores her! BTW, in the actual interview from KFOR, that’s her son pacing in the background seriously embarrassed by her! Christmas for her has been especially funny. Follow her Facebook page, and really “I ain’t got no time for that” but I love to laugh.

National Film Registry adds films. I remember seeing “A Christmas Story” in the theaters in 1983. I was with a local radio dj. It was during a phase I was going through where I would try to catch a few moments from other movies. We left the after the movie ended then went and saw the ending of “Scarface.” I don’t know what I was thinking! This list says to me “about time!”

I want to see this Steve Carell movie just from this headline: Burt Wonderstone is Number One with a Mullet. Hmmmm. Could this be my new American Austin Powers replacement?

Lots of “Best” and “Worst” of 2012 lists coming out. I’m setting my dvr for “The Year with Katie Couric” tonight. Oh why not – all my favorite shows are on a long vacation break right now anyway.

I’m going to celebrate a Hairy Christmas today at lunch. Just a group that’s formed to give goofy gifts over the last 5 or 6 years. Feeling overwhelmed I just purchased about 5 mustache kits. If you see a group at Iron Starr BBQ with animatronics and mustaches, that’s us! Photos later! Instagram photos!

Style diary: Hathaway takes ‘Les Miz’ around the globe. Smashing! I don’t use that word very much.

I try not to get political but I’m seeing a trend in potential suitors for a 2016 presidential candidate and that is someone who is not needy financially and can take a stand against the powerful. For instance, Chris Christie, who took on a thud harassing him and his family on a boardwalk to appreciating the President’s visit to the New Jersey shore after Sandy. And now – Michael Bloomberg and his stand on gun control. He could give a rats about what the NRA thinks of him!

My on-going trend is truly late bloomer and loving it. Feeling “spongy.” I love Instagram but if you’re annoyed by them recently here are Five Alternatives to Using Instagram.

I’m so happy the have gotten Mayan-type end of the calendar parties! One is Thursday on the eve at Istvan Gallery called End of the World Exhibition and Party at Maya Trading and Istvan. Another on Friday is called MAYAN APOCALYPSE and then there’s just a simple Facebook event only for the Saturday after to celebrate being a live. No location. What are you doing?

By the way – my cat Graycie is the best Christmas photo/video cat EVER!


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