Zip lines, Zepplin, O’Brien, Hobbit, Substitute for the family Christmas letter, Tiny Little Lullabies

Happy Monday! I would be just fine if this wind would stop. I just saw a turtle dove attempt to sit on a wire. Yard items are blowing over! Oi.. Here’s what’s up:

Zip lines in the Boathouse District? So there! I emailed my friend Kristy Yager at the City to let her know I could be her crash test dummy if needed.

Set your DVRs for Wednesday, December 26, 7pm on CBS/KWTV for the Kennedy Center Honors. Dave Grohl, Heart,Kid Rock, Lenny Kravitz paying tribute to Led Zepplin – I’m so there!

Magic 104 & KXXY go all Christmas music. I was glad to see Steve O’Brien, program director for Magic 104, get a nice article. He’s been there for so long now. I think it was 1985 when I was a receptionist at KZBS. He worked nights for like – one week, seriously. They (Magic 104) made him an offer he couldn’t resist. He walked out the door and across the street and has been there ever since. He truly is a super nice person.

The Grammys are Wednesday live from Nashville? What refreshing change. CBS/KWTV.

Out-of-Box thinking: Winemakers blend tradition with technology. QR codes on wine bottles that provide food-pairing ideas with a scan of a smartphone. Winery-hosted Twitter tastings where participants try wine at home and then discuss it virtually in tweets. Love it because I need all the help I can get when it comes to wine.

Happy Hobbit Week! My mom loved the Hobbit books.

This is cool: Make a ‘year’s-best’ video with free tool from Animoto. Oh yes, I am thinking in my head at my own look back at my year. I think it would be super cool for a family to do instead of a Christmas letter. Just eblast out, put on social media. People would love it!

I’m pitching a new product called Tiny Little Lullabies. It’s traditional lullabies but with a twist – it has a human heart beat in it that the baby hears perfectly but the adult doesn’t because we just kind of lose our hearing as we age. It’s guaranteed to make your baby sleep and soundly. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee too!

I had a most enjoyable day yesterday. I hung out at the Myriad Gardens, which I’m so lucky to say is a client of mine. It has become my happy place for sure. I just walked around, took photos of people – with their permission, hung out in the dog park, the Pop-Up Shops, the Devon Ice Rink … it was just Utopia for me! Here’s a slideshow of my day. If you’re a visual person like me, you have to be on Instagram! Look for me! lesliesokc. Here’s my day:

My day in the Myriad Gardenslesliesokc on Instagram3lesliesokc on Instagram6myriadgardens_okc on Instagramlesliesokc on Instagram5lesliesokc on Instagram2myriadgardens_okc on Instagram2myriadgardens_okc on Instagram01myriadgardens_okc on Instagram3myriadgardens_okc on Instagram6myriadgardens_okc on Instagram7myriadgardens_okc on Instagram9myriadgardens_okc on Instagram8


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