Shop Small Saturday, TV Marathons, Downtown in December, DWTS, 5-hour, Elmo no laugh

Happy Wednesday before Thanksgiving!

This is Vanessa. She is here to be the assistant manager for the Devon Ice Rink at the Myriad Gardens. I see her as a future ice skating instructor.

  • Wow! I’m totally into the Shop Small – Small Business Saturday promotion. My recommendations: Paseo Arts District, Western Avenue, Plaza District, Istvan Gallery/Blue SagePop Up Shops at the Myriad Gardens et al? All of these places carry products made in Oklahoma!
  • Take a break from the parades and football games for these random tv marathons. Very random.
  • Downtown In December begins on Friday. There are so many options and all so beautiful at night! If you’re considering the snow tubing, you should plan in advance wisely! I know. I was a total #fail last year.
  • I’m a Dancing with the Stars goober! I’m very happy with the final contestants. It’s been sooo good with all the All Stars. It’s a toss-up between Shawn, Melissa and Kelley. Melissa is truly awesome and I would love to see Tony win finally.
  • I just reloaded Leslie’s OKC calendar of events. It’s so full! I personally think it’s a great reference. Always feel free to send me an event.
  • It’s so hard to love Wayne Coyne these days. He’s gotten kind of mean and dirty and … word on the street – a cheater. He is “sorry sorry sorry” for causing people to lose their flights while they waited behind him in line at the airport. I don’t hate him though.
  • I fall for the 5-Hour Energy look-a-likes too but I always go back to 5-Hour.
  • Just because Kevin Clash is stepping down from Sesame Street doesn’t mean Elmo will go away! Whew but truly sad.
  • I am #teamOklahoma so … go Cowboys and my Sooner-bred and Sooner-dead friends!

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