Twilight time…and it’s like…forever!

If you know me, you know that when I write movie reviews – they’re not very in depth so you’ll understand why I’m a little shallow on this review of The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I loved it. I just love the main family known as the Cullins. All of them! I went to see it at the Warren Theatres – my first time, yes! Fabulous!

I have become a “Twihard” slowly but surely. I saw the second one first. I tagged along with my co-worker Nicole who had read all the books. She was going with another Twihard book reader for a Friday opening day matinee. I just asked to join. I wanted to see what it was all about. It was spur of the moment so I didn’t have much time to debate the fact that I hadn’t seen one. The movie just stayed on my mind. Nicole was good when I came to her with random questions. She would always have the answer. This went on a couple of months.

When I received an email saying “get your Twilight tickets for the final movie” I just stepped right up and purchased two tickets for opening day, November 16, 2012. Nicole and I don’t work together anymore but I made sure to make her the offer of the ticket.

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Okay this is why I feel I’m rather shallow on my review. More than anything I loved the eye make-up they did on the vampires. I was mesmerized. Long dark eyelashes, perfect eyebrows, brown shadows, they all wore this brown/bronze lipstick. The Cullins had to gather other vampires from around the world to become allies… they were all so beautiful. Whoever did the make-up should a). Show how it’s done on YouTube and b). Get a freaking Oscar nomination! But they’d probably get beat by oh say, The Hobbit?

I just loved the story line, the romance, the power that comes with being a vampire. I loved the werewolf family too. The battle scene upset me. Then there was a twist that only book readers knew about. Funny because there weren’t a lot of book readers in our audience. Nicole was laughing and amazed by the lack of book readers. I love a movie where the character goes through a major change and Bella was a much better vampire than a human. You just wanted to slap her in the other movies. I love her dad Charlie and was happy for him. I know one person who went and actually cried.

Of course I’d recommend it. In fact, I’m going back to see it again. Stay through the credits – they pay tribute to everyone who was in the movie.

So hey Nicole – what’s next? What have you been reading?


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