People of OKC – Just know you’re great, stopping asking for confirmation!

Happy Monday! Brrrrrr! It’s cold in here!

  • Yet another great article on Oklahoma City from a “big-city outsider.” Behind the Cover Story: Sam Anderson on the Civic Magic of the OKC Thunder – New York Times. Of course I love it but why do we seek to know what people think about OKC? Just know it! Asking looks sort of desperate. I took a French art collector around on interviews in 2007. He lived in a Paris apartment that overlooked the Eiffel Tower. Everyone’s first question to him was: “how do you like Oklahoma City?” He was kind but it got rediculous and embarrassing for me because I know it’s great. I don’t need some French dude to tell me that.
  • Yesterday was 11/11 and in China it’s known as “singles day.” Get it? It’s actually become bigger than Black Friday in America. It’s the anti-Valentine’s Day. Note for next year! This has gotten huge in China.
  • More Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary news: The band is marking the occasion with dates in London and Newark, plus a book, greatest-hits album and an HBO documentary, airing this Thursday. Click here.
  • Mick Jagger news: So that’s who Brown Sugar is… and there’s a love child? If this affair was today it would have been out there in seconds. I would love to read 25 year-old Mick’s poetic love letters but not for six figures!
  • My boyfriend and I came across a pair of tickets to the Oklahoma State University vs. West Virginia game last Saturday. We got “oranged-and-blacked up” and set out for Stillwater. I hadn’t been since his daughter graduated in 2006. Wow! What amazing changes have happened to the stadium. It’s so nice. We fit right in. What I really like about OSU are … call me crazy … the hand/arm movements. I got a good workout especially since they won. I love that horse Bullet. He’s a stunningly beautiful black horse that comes out after touch downs. He’s ridden by a equally stunning black suited cowboy. HEEEEEERE’S BULLET! We sat in the Elmo/Fraggle Rock section. (See photo below). Oh and shame on our OU friends for hating on us. Haven’t we had enough hate this week?
  • In racist’ news: Racial slurs at college protests prompt a deeper look. Enough!
  • We saw Aerosmith in concert last week. I was on the floor. The high school sophmore girl in me came out. I mean – they sound perfect! Steven Tyler (64) seemed to stay around town for awhile. I saw several photos of him in downtown all over Facebook. Everyone said he was an absolute sweetheart. He mentioned something about having family on a row during the concert. I guess American Idol was in town too. See OKC? We’re cool.
  • I could see Def Leppard in Vegas at the Hard Rock Casino but I wonder what if they would try it in Tulsa’s Hard Rock Casino. Wonder how it would do? Maybe there’s no competing with Vegas?
  • My great nephew Jax turned two. The birthday theme was Woody from Toy Story. I really was trying to figure out the craze about Woody. You don’t see it in Buzz Lightyear as much. Then I saw him in his Woody shirt, hat, with his Woody talking doll, the birthday cake… the cool thing about Woody is he makes little boys want to be cowboys, just like little boys of the 1950s when they had several cowboy heroes on tv and in the movies. I get it.
  • I love Willie Geist! Great job Today Show! Love his dad Bill Geist too on CBS Sunday Morning.
  • So much going on in Oklahoma City this week! I’m updating Leslie’s OKC constantly. Always check and suggest events that may be missing!
  • I’m also learning the Sloppy Swish by a new artist called Mokiki. Maybe even in downtown OKC

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