Ray Ackerman, Paseo, Tippi Hedren, Paranormal Activity, Road Rage never pays

Well – more photos from the class reunion. Here we are paying tribute to Charlie’s Angels.

Good morning! It’s my birthday. Who knew birthdays existed before Facebook! I’m getting a lot of love as I type this. I want to respond to everyone but feeling overwhelmed – but loved! Nothing special planned since last year it was all about me with my 5.0 birthday. Orchids in October in the Myriad Gardens, Argo at Bricktown Harkins, then there are so many happy hour type events I’ll run in to and out of. I’ve already had my big dinner at Iron Starr BBQ. It was awesome!

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

What a great life Ray Ackerman led. I find it inspiring. The story I can tell about him is how he helped Carolyn Hill finish the Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s capital campaign. She just needed $250,000 and was exhausted. The fundraising gawds Lee Allan Smith and Ray stepped up and found the money for her. I say ‘just’ because Carolyn brought in millions. It was just getting over the finish line and those two were the key. I was very grateful.

I agree! I’ve stayed out of political debates on Facebook. They can get really mean – with people you love. I’ve actually enjoyed not participating this round.

Finally I was able to merge the Paseo Arts District’s old Facebook friend page into a business page. If you’re starting a business don’t make it a friend page. You’ll regret it. I see businesses doing this and I want to yell stop!

Looking forward to seeing Sienna Miller play Tippi Hedron in HBO’s The Girl and seeing behind-the-scenes re-enactments of the making of The Birds. I loved that movie. Too bad Hitchcock was a real tool.

Yesterday I was a gallery girl. I played receptionist/assistant at JRB Art at the Elms in Paseo. I sucked! Tried to fax something that was stapled. Hung up on Joy’s husband. Couldn’t dial out to make a prank call to a friend. Oh and I was late but I had fun.

Shoe Gallery is having a 25% off entire purchase sale. Here’s the coupon. You’re welcome!

Why do I like those silly Paranormal Activity found footage type movies? I’m going to go see PA4 in the theater. Saw the first three on tv. I’m already scared mommy!

The road rage/Target parking lot murder gets sadder. The man who shot the younger man has a wheelchair-bound wife at home. Again, when someone shows road rage towards you just let them go. Get far far away from them and don’t throw fuel on the fire by responding.

How cool of Google to show us how it all happens. Take a tour through their data center’s website! Love those colors Google uses.

Celebrities I share birthdays with:

  • Chuck Berry is 86
  • Dawn (MARY FREAKING ANN) Wells (Gilligan’s Island) is 74
  • Actress Pam Dawber is 62
  • Actress Erin Moran is 52
  • Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is 52
  • Jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis is 51
  • Singer Ne-Yo is 33
  • Jazz musician Esperanza Spalding is 28
  • Actor Zac Efron is 25

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