When the time is right to merge class reunions

My high school, Hayfield Secondary (Alexandria, VA), didn’t have a 30 year class reunion. The person in charge was done…done… DONE! Just a hassle and people are the worst with RSVPs. When it was time for the 30 year I checked on it and what I got back was she had retired and if you want to do it, have it at! Living in another state would not make me a good class reunion coordinator most definitely. But even if I did live in Virginia- would I do it? Probably not. So there was excitement emerging on Facebook that the class of 1975 had opened up their reunion to the 1976-79 classes to have the first merged class reunion. Apparently it’s what reunions are doing more and more.

My heart was a-flutter. There’s just something special about going back to this place that I left in 1979. A reminder of who I was, why I am like I am and more. I checked airfare, than sat on it, checked the “maybe” box on the Facebook invite. Talked to friends. Then an old friend, Julie Carroll, posted “are you going?” She didn’t make it to any of the reunions but we had become friends on Facebook. That was it. I purchased the airfare.

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Friday night was held at Bungalows Alehouse, which is close to the school. It was homecoming night for the school. A section of the bleachers was blocked off for the 1975-79 reunion but alas, just like in the 70s, only three people showed up at the game. The rest of us were partying, laughing, hugging, forgetting, talking old times and more at Bungalows. Rumor had it the 1980s classes were at the pub in the same area.

Saturday night was at a restaurant called Paradiso’s Italian restaurant. The really good news was they had pulled our senior photos for our name tags. It helped but there were just people there I had not met. We had about 400+ in the class of 1979 so I guess that was big enough not to meet every single person. There was a buffet, cash bar, a “photo booth”, and … a karaoke machine. Long story short – I’m going to be in about 17 photo sets from the photo booth (a bit of a hog I was!) and if you think singing  The Commodores Brick House is easy – think again! You just think all it is is Brick House and Mighty Mighty but there’s much more. I nearly lost my breath!

Note to self: Don’t leave on Sunday after, leave on Monday so you can have a day to recuperate. Man – I tried to do the Metro to get to Baltimore Washington Airport and ended up going the wrong way.

So thank you Hayfield class of 1975 for inviting all of us in. Thank you Karen! See you … I dunno when but soon!


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