Family Reunions especially recommended for Beavers Bend

In July I stepped out of my comfort zone known as Oklahoma City and headed to the Southeast part of Oklahoma. It was about 250 miles and it took four hours to get there. I’ve always heard it was a really beautiful part of the state and that was no lie. A Roberts (mom’s side) family reunion had been scheduled for Beavers Bend Resort Park. Our family is in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee so it really was a perfect meeting point.

The Roberts Family Reunion 2012, Beavers Bend, Oklahoma. A self-timer. Three members are missing from this shot taken on the steps of our cabin named Dry Creek Cabin. The other was Dragonfly.

We rented two Beavers Bend cabins. There were a total of five families and me. Okay -I’ll break it down this way: 8 generation one (includes me); 5 generation now; and four precious, darling kids we’ll call generation NEXT! My great nephews and nieces ages 5, 2, 2 and 1. Those kids just really made things FUN!

I love these kids! This is a group hug.

Set in wooded, hilly atmosphere, the cabins were amazing! The photos on the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department‘s website are so true! You felt outdoorsy but you still had the modern conveniences of a fully stocked kitchen with ice makers, dishes, glasses, silver and more; awesome WiFi; hot tubs, big porches with roomy furniture; spiraling staircases, which led to portable baby gates being set-up, and just the overall decor of the cabins — was splendid. My sister and I took one of the loft rooms. It was funny because I think that the architect had kids in mind for this area. Our shower was so tiny – like half the size of my hallway closet so washing your hair was strategic. It was fun and funny! The other bathrooms were bigger than my home’s living room, however.

The family caravanned to the Beavers Bend train station – of course mostly for the kids but it was interesting and we got a good background on the history of Beavers Bend. Beavers was actually a man who donated the land. There was also horse backing riding and hay rides.

Riding the train at Beavers Bend

We found a good beach for swimming after the train ride. We were so happy to cool off. On our adventures we happened upon Girls Gone Wine. Those women were so sweet when you walk in the door. You get greeted with a ‘hi, how are you?’  Loved the side retail therapy of their very lady-like stuff. They also have wine tasting taking place. Smart move on their part.

We were there Thursday through Sunday and it would have been cool to have had two more days. The stay at the two cabins cost the adults each about $150 and was well worth the four hour, 250 mile trip from Oklahoma City.

The Roberts Family during World War II. Front row: O’Neil, Ted & Pat. Back row: Suzanne (my mom), J.B. and Lalah. They always loved a great family reunion!

Here are more photos! Our grandparents Lalah and J.B. Roberts always set out to have family reunions back in the day. I’m sure they were watching over us as well as our parents Patrick Dudley and Suzanne. I bet uncle Ted and O’Neil were there too. Those Roberts loved a great family reunion!

We give Beavers Bend a BIG THUMBS UP! We highly recommend it.

Here are some more photos:

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