The first 90 days

Last March I attended the Women Entrepreneurs Inspire Conference. I went to a breakout session by Adrienne Kallweit, Founder, Seeking Sitters, called Getting Organized: the First Ninety Days of A New Business. I could tell Adrienne was a type A personality, a perfectionist! She was inspiring and so I kept track of the first 30 days in May, then in June for the first 60 days and last week – July, my first 90 days. Wow! Where did the time go?? I’m having a great time… is that bad?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Only work for someone you really believe in. It makes it such a joy and time goes so fast and your client can tell you love them.
  • I still haven’t figured out if I need an office yet. It just seems like another place to have to go to.
  • Webinars are awesome! I learn so much, especially about social media. Just get a headset and tell your boyfriend to shush for an hour.
  • I’ve decided that what I really love doing is social media, email newsletters and content management for websites.
  • Take a shower always! It just helps keep you refreshed and especially during the 100 degree heat! Yes, that’s under the Duh list.
  • Lunches are the best for business deals. Oklahoma City has a wide array of lunches from downtown to north Oklahoma City! I’ve had some great lunches with people who are going through a very creative time in their lives – always inspiring!
  • I love waking up naturally with the birds. Like when you first see Snow White in the animated film. I’m putting that under the “anti-aging” column.
  • When driving in the afternoon, I love listening to Dave Ramsey on KOKC. Too bad there can’t be a talk radio station with all self improvement radio shows instead of the hate spewed on others. It will improve the lives of people living in OKC.
  • My dogs sure sleep a lot. I do love playing with them every day for a break. My Pomeranian Josey’s snore will be recorded for all to hear.
  • My cat has seasonal daytime nap places. I have no idea where she is daily.
  • I’ve made friends with a wild feral cat. “Freddie” won’t let me go near him but he appreciates the food handout. Then he goes off to his nap place.
  • I take longer to get ready and I love it.
  • I am going to go ahead and register as an LLC. I’ve been thinking of this new gig as a lot of part time jobs but I think it would be best for taxes, etc. to have an LLC.
  • My dreams on very creative, insane and just wow!
  • As 80s band The Fixx sang: One thing leads to another! Just when I wonder about work then I get a call. Just got to keep it going! Thanks to those for thinking of me!


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