In celebration of National Ice Tea-Local ice tea reviews

When I found out that June was National Ice Tea month I saw an opportunity to expand on a passion of mine. I eat out for lunch often and anyone who’s ever eaten with me knows I’m an ice tea freak. Especially in the summer. I love tea…beautiful, non-flavored southern tea. I was raised with a pitcher of ice tea in the refrigerator that gave me an endless supply as a child. I worked at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for 12 years and that was the first time I worked at a place that operated a restaurant. I think it’s there that I discovered my ice tea habits that are  at times, somewhat annoying to the waiter and lunch mates.

I like sweetners, but just the yellow and blue packets, dark-golden color, tea spoons, great ice, lovely actual glasses, and something I dubbed “tea-dar.” I absolutely cannot eat my meal unless I have tea. If my tea glass isn’t filled then I start this panic look like I’m suffering. I look to see where the tea pitchers are stored and plot to just get one and pour myself but alas, that would not be classy. Tea-dar is when the wait staff recognizes that my tea glass is near empty and fills it up. My lunch mates accuse me of being a bit dramatic.

So I set out on Leslie’s National Ice Tea Tour but with Oklahoma City restaurants. There are 30 days in June. I’m not sure if I can do a tea a day but I’ll do my best. Thought I would go ahead and blog about these tea reviews so far. I’ve been posting on my Facebook page and have found a secret tea society it seams! The captions have the reviews with a 1 out-of 4 tea bag review. More to come as June comes and goes!


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