OKC First Impressions for Online Dating Meet-Up

Last night a friend we’ll call “Heather” asked me at 5pm through Facebook instant messaging for any advice where to take her new “gentleman caller” to have a good time and show off the city.

The pizza ovens at the Wedge from the Wedge’s website.

It’s very common these days for single people to meet someone online that lives in another city. The dating services narrows down your choices of “suitors.” You take the bold move to begin the conversation via email. Maybe you Skype or do a Google Plus hangout. Then it’s decided to meet in person. Doesn’t matter if it’s the boy going to meet the girl or reverse or if the home city is more fun than the other city, you just need to have the first meeting.
For the hosting suitor the panic begins: “Where am I going to take them to show the town off?”  We have to also admit the thinking is if you can make make your city look good, it makes you look good. First impressions (in person) are everything for this new age in dating.
So this was my quick thinking advice, based on Leslie’s OKC calendar for Saturday, June 2:
  • You could go to MidTown, have a casual dinner at McNellie’s, Irma’s, Louies, or upscale Italian at Stella then watch all the runners in the Downtown Dash starting at St. Anthony’s hospital. He’ll see the town is athletic with a variety of restaurants and a big hospital and a charming drive through Heritage Hills neighborhood.
  • You could also take part in a little OKC Thunder alley before the game but it does end after the game starts, which is a shame because of you know what but still…
  • If you want to spend some extra $$ head over to Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery on Film Row (which is very pleasant with their new streets and lighting) and go to Sit Stay Art! Super cool atmosphere of artsy/pet people benefiting the homeless pet population.

Then I was out the door to my event – Havana Nights benefiting UpWard Transitions at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. When I got home I asked through Facebook what she ended up doing. They were still on the date. Here was her response: “We had dinner at the Wedge on Western and now we’re having drinks at Picassos in Paseo and all is going great!”

She didn’t take my suggestions, which was fine. I probably offered events that were people watching events when they just needed to focus on each other. The good news? It was a very successful evening for her and Oklahoma City! Do keep us posted “Heather.”


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