OKC Events This Weekend

I love promoting these events. It’s easy for me. I use all resources – websites, Facebook invites, invitations in the mail, posters in store fronts, news articles, eblasts, print ads, radio, tv and more. A pet peeve of mine is when organizations draw you in through one source then don’t have an updated website. For example – not to be too harsh but the Charlie Christian Jazz Festival website has information from 2011. I read about it through @NewsOK’s Brandy McDonnell. It’s a fabulous festival and they should be grateful to Brandy for her coverage. The links provided below are to her articles.

Photo from the Arts Council of OKC’s site

I saw a poster at the Starbucks at May and Grand for the Nichols Hills Garden tour. I remembered the date, got home and put it in the calendar. I Googled it and alas, I was taken to the City of Nichols Hills website that had information on the 2007 tour. Then I found 2011’s deets. One Google search and I’m done. If it’s not showing up in the first page then to me, it means – no Facebook page, no website, no nothing except for a lovely poster in a store front, which I think is good too but you can’t stop there. Don’t make me jump through hoops to find out more.

Note to all planners of these events (both volunteer & paid positions): you have so many tools available for promotion and they’re generally free! Do it. It will make your event so much better attended.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know about events you’re working on for 2013. Especially fundraisers. Several sites aren’t listing them. The Monday after your event I know this all too well: you’re exhausted, elated, soaking in the success but just for a few minutes – okay, an hour, come down to earth and set the date immediately for the next year on your website! Just by doing that alone you’re jump starting yourself and your event!

Here’s what’s up for this weekend!

May 31

Friday, June 1

Saturday, June 2

Sunday, June 3


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