Opening night on the OKCMOA Roof Terrace

If you know me, you will know what this roof terrace means for me especially since I invented it! Naah. Of course not! But I was there when it began. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art architect Allen Brown designed this level for expansion upward so the tiles were done with strength. I believe it was 2003 or so when then Museum Cafe manager Eric Nelson and the director Carolyn Hill, along with facility manager Jack Madden decided – let’s just open the roof terrace in the summer, just on Thursday nights. We had no advertising budget so I just promoted through a weekly e-newsletter and by word-of-mouth.

Photo taken of me by Tim Blake…I will never wear tan colors again!

It was a minimalist start. A few tables, chairs, roll-out bar, chips, salsa. No music. We even had a small band of groupies – Lin Sanchez, Erin Merryweather… just to name a few. The view was always just simply amazing and you just felt on top of the world. We then dubbed it Cocktails on the Skyline. Now nine years later and wow! We did learn a lot of lessons – including dealing with the weather, and each year it just gets better and better.

Opening night was last night and it was soooo much fun with more than 650 in attendance. The variety of people is amazing! A variety of ages, styles of clothing – lots of Thunder-wear, and more! Congratulations to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the Museum Cafe staff that worked so hard! Born in November had the place rocking. There was some concern about all the Project180 street construction but people made it proving if you have what people really want, oh they’ll find a way to get there!

Here are a few photos I took last night. So fun!!!  Thanks to the hard working team at the Museum for allowing me to still play a role in all this!

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