Symphony Showhouse 2012

Yesterday I went to a media sneak preview event for the 39th Annual Oklahoma Symphony Show House, which benefits the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and the Oklahoma Orchestra League. It’s located in beautiful historic Heritage Hills. This is a house I’ve driven and have walked by plenty of times at 440 NW 15th and Walker. I always loved just looking at these homes. It helps they have the greatest sidewalks. Why don’t neighborhoods have sidewalks anymore?

Each room in the 1925 English Tudor style home is decorated by area interior designers. You can easily tell how much time was spent in each room. My colleague Michelle Winters, Marketing manager with the OKC Phil handed me a scavenger hunt  game where I had to locate something in each room related to music/orchestras. What a great game. I really looked at each detail because of it. I did cheat a little but I really don’t think anyone was watching me that closely. Thanks to Magic 104’s Steve and his wife for helping me!

Some designers were there, some weren’t and that was fine because they’ve given a lot of their valuable time and there will be several other opportunities as this runs May 5-20.

The ladies from The Enchanted Cottage who did the kitchen were very proud to announce to me that they were located from south Oklahoma City in a very luxurious part of town. Very sweet women who gave me hints where the bunnies playing instruments were!

I met this darling designer named Nora Johnson. She did the Butlers Pantry. I asked about the painting on the wall and she said she did it because she needed a painting to fit in this spot. I love when interior designers can just paint up something when they need it. I had to really look for this clue because it was on a wine bottle label!

My favorite room was the Master Bedroom designed by…Bob Mills Furniture. The colors and art were contemporary enough for me but fitting to the house. Loved it.

The little girls room kind of freaked me out! I looked and looked for the instrument on something but doll eyes were following me everywhere! This is one I just cheated on. Every little girl would love this room. I’m just not in that mind frame.

The little boy’s room was very cool and done by University of Central Oklahoma interior design students. They were so excited to talk to me and tell me about their project for the home. It was a class effort and I’ve got to say, hats off!

The garage apartment was done by SaDawna Coburn of S.C. Designs and her son and one of his friends. My mom would have loved this woman. She seemed organic in design and brought her son in for the install and the art – lots of recycling. The music element: A wall clock, like a George Nelson clock, but made from piano keys – we’re talking the keys that go way back to the back of the piano.

It was all very creative of course! Love interior designers. Love the OKC Philharmonic. Thanks Michelle!

More deets on hours, admission and events at Oklahoma Symphony Show House


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