Tweeting for hair products

I have to start with saying: I LOVE HAIRCARE PRODUCTS so much I could swim in the vat they are made in! I love trips to the beauty supply store. I was a beauty school drop out in 10th grade at Hayfield Secondary School. Cosmetology 101, under the DECA program. It was 1977. The year of Farrah Fawcett. I had no idea what a blow dryer was. I swear it was invented that year but not according to Wikipedia! We didn’t do a whole lot for three hours a day. We washed each other’s hair, blew it dry, curled it and repeat again and again. We were fascinated with the blow dryer. Cut our bangs into wings…okay – let’s get out of the time tunnel.

The Trichology Salon team adverting a hair style crisis

The Trichology Salon team averting a hair style crisis. Never ever let a model fix another model’s up do fiasco!

It was not meant to be but I still carry the experience with me to this day so when Greg Welchel with Trichology Salon offered to trade hair care products in exchange for doing live tweeting from the Fall Into Spring Fashion Show last Friday at Gallardia Country Club, I jumped at it! His team did the hairstyles of the models so he wanted photos of the team in action. What a night! I’ve never been around a fashion show much and it was a lively! A vein crowd but so what!

I love hair stylists – their fun, punky, gay, straight, hair always perfect! Tats, purple hair… talented.

You know, an amazing thing happens with you mix OKC Thunder players with fashion, Allied Arts OKC, Ruth Meyers, Spencer Stone, Trichology Salon, Johnathan Kayne, David Anthony models, Cplus … I’m still trying to figure out who all the players were. I need to get to know Sasha more. I think you’ll be hearing more about her.I just met her about a month ago. It was great. I hope Allied Arts made a lot of money. Director Deborah McAuliffe Senner was trying so hard to talk to the crowd but heck, they talked over Johnathan Kayne. The crowd way lively, colorful, kind of drunk and beautifully dressed and not interested in listening. Deborah – I heard you champion the importance of art in central Oklahoma!


I’ll admit it, I’m not your sports person so I didn’t freak when Serge Ibaka walked by me but I got this photo and looked closer at his face. He really is a beautiful person. For fun I posted this photo to my Facebook page and said, ‘who is this?’ just to see if I could get a reaction. Brandy McDonnell with NewsOK reminded me of the photos she posted of him recently. Oh yes, he’s fine! Here’s the deal – basketball players are like giraffes when they walk through the room. They’re stunning to just watch when not playing basket ball. Just such standouts. Overpowering. Commanding to the room. Everyone would do almost anything to get that photo or – I saw one guy giving a mini pitch to him. Serge just looked at him, shook his head then walked on.

Hey – over here. Quit staring at the new Trichology Salon hottie man who just moved here from Tulsa. He looks very mysterious here but oh my, he is a sweetheart! His name escapes me….

I saw tons of people I knew but I let them know right away that I was on assignment for Trichology Salon – tweeting for hair care products. Some looked at me like why would you admit to that but I just wanted to get my experience in doing this for someone other than myself or the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. It was a great lesson. I played cool, didn’t drink or eat..I was too busy! Here’s Dave Morris’ video of the evening. He did a great job for NewsOK. If you look close during the fashion show, you can see me with my iPad trying to get the photos for my assignment. I think Kristy with Allied Arts did an excellent job as spokesperson!

So in the end – a fun assignment. I got to be on a hairstylist team without doing the hair styling work. A beauty school drop out is always good for something hair related and can be easily bought in exchange for products! Footnote: My favorite people that night: Johnathan Kayne (how very sweet, professional and cordial is this realty tv star?), Serge’s body guard who actually thanked me for getting out of his way to get to protect his man (he was a big black man who was a teddy bear sweetheart) and Dave Morris – he’s like the wind. In and out, with video camera and excellent editing abilities.


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