Stepping down from the OKCMOA

“She walked to the edge of the cliff and took the step into the darkness of the unknown. We all believe she will either land on something solid or she will be taught to

Here I am celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I think I knew at this point, I was tired and worn out.


This is a quote my mother loved, according to my sister Kathy, in response to my announcement to my siblings through our Saturday morning Facebook chat, that I resigned my position as the communications manager at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I have several reasons that are all very positive and good for doing this.

Twelve years went by so fast at the Museum. Where did it go? The truth is this has been the longest, most stable job I’ve ever had. I have seen the world through this wonderful, amazing Museum. I’ve also seen it go from a shuttered building to beautiful gallery space. And my coworkers are the best. As Madonna says in the song “Jump”: there’s only such much you can learn in one place, the more I stay, the less I learn.” So I’m jumping!

In these twelve years social media has happened. I knew I loved it immediately. I became alive! I always said social media for me was like the end of the movie Cybil, starring Sally Field as the woman with multiple personalities. At the end Joanne Woodward, her psychiatrist, takes her into a hypnotic state and introduces her to all her personalities so they can merge and create a whole new person. I’ve lived in other states and feel each state had its own personality. I’ve found several people from those states and now realize the insecure person I was, was truly a waste of time. I wish I would have been more confident all these fricking years!! So now I am.

I’m going to be working for a variety of people including being a senior strategist for Smirk New Media. I also want to teach seniors about social media so they can see their grandchildren more. I might sell radio, I might scoop Baskin Robbins ice cream. I might play a lot of golf. I’m just ready to be my own bitch! 🙂

These past few months I’ve spent a lot of time talking with people like Tracey Zeeck, Mike Koheler, Kym Koch, Phil Bacharach, Steve Houser, my brother Stan Spears, and sisters Janet Talley and Kathy Cosgrove. I’ve gotten some great advice and I believe I am ready for the next step!

Thanks everyone for your support and you’re invited to my first fundraiser for me on … kidding!


21 thoughts on “Stepping down from the OKCMOA

  1. Love your mother. I always feel close to her, which for a media girl, you have a wonderful mix of personal, informative, educational and playfulness. As my father would say, “this could be good or this could be bad”. I know it is the former. Ms. Gail

  2. Leslie, I am surprised to hear of your stepping down, but understand that you would want to spread your wings.
    You have done a fantasic job at the museum!!!!
    I know that you will do well in whatever you choose!

  3. Wow- what a shock! You will be sorely missed at OKCMOA but esp. with your right -on- the -minute photographs/FB comments that keep your friends so well entertained. Maybe you were in the Apple store on Mon. preparing for this new leap? I wish you the best of luck & please keep us informed of your latest ‘antics’!
    Oh yeah, I could be one of those seniors who could learn more about social media. That’s why I was in the Apple store- learning how to use my new Mac laptop. My grand-daughter, Teagan, turned 1 year old today!

  4. It just goes to show- I need help w/ social media. I had typed up a nice message to you- went to post it, said I had to sign in w/ Word Press, did so, came back & the message was gone! Let’s try that again!
    We will miss you at OKCMOA, & all the latest photos & messages on FB that keep us so entertained & up to date (sometimes even as the event is happening!) Do keep that up- I’d miss your ‘behind the scene’
    Maybe that’s why you were in the Apple store on Mon. – preparing for your new leap. I was there (one of those seniors you spoke of) trying to learn how to work my new MAC laptop so I can keep up w/ my grand-daughter Teagan (she’s 1 year old today!)
    Leaving after the 10th anniversary celebrations is good timing. I’m thinking- the 4 Tops- “Get ready ‘cuz here I come” – time for new adventures. Congratulations on making the leap!

  5. Leslie,
    I’m shocked, first that you were insecure. You always seemed so self assured. Second, I’m really glad you may work with Smirk New Media. We just signed with them for Red Carpet Car Wash. So, congratulations on your “jump!”
    Kevin Duane (The other KD)

    • That’s wonderful Kevin!!! I didn’t know you had the Red Carpet account! I love that place. Or those places. I know right, about that insecure thing. I was looking at a video taken at the KRXO birthday bash. I saw me as this hot, radio chick yet in my mind at that time I thought I was really nothing. How stupid was I?

  6. Congratulations on the new chapter of your life! How exciting! I have also wanted to work with seniors teaching social media and skype. You have my enthusiasm behind you for sure!!

  7. I will never forget when I asked you to help the sisters and you thought your coworkers were pranking you. Thank you for all of your support and also for helping to give OKC something to be proud of with your work at the OKCMOA. I am sure you will be missed by all and I wish you the best in the paths that you choose.

  8. Fly girl and as I told our pal Laura Nance, defy gravity!

    Stay in touch ’cause I’ll miss you much.

    Best of all things to you friend!!

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