I am the “Self-appointed Energy Drink Expert”

I read this article in @NewsOK this morning: Thai billion who created Red Bull dies. Interesting story about this invention. Who knew? Here’s a excerpt:

Chaleo Yoovidhya

Chaleo started a small company, T.C. Pharmaceuticals, in the 1960s and formulated an energy drink prototype a decade later called Krathing Daeng, or Red Bull in English. The drink became popular among truck drivers and other blue-collar workers throughout the country, but it remained a local phenomenon until Chaleo met Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz. Together, the pair modified Chaleo’s init.ial formula and founded the international Red Bull brand. Launched in 1987, Red Bull now sells billions of iconic slim cans across the world annually. Mateschitz and Chaleo each own roughly half of the company.

I had no idea! Good for him to make soooo much money off people like me.

I consider myself a self-appointed energy drink expert. I’m actually quite immune to a lot of it since I drink so much. I feel like since my 30s I have continually searched for the fountain of energy. My experiences have included herbal pills, powders, no doze, of course coffee, and the last decade, the tiny energy drink bottles. I’ve come up with this list of “profound” rules of the energy drink.

  • Herbal pills: Not impressed but relied heavily on it in my 30s. But then after the Ephedrine debacle of ‘It’s bad, no it’s okay, it’s good, it’s back.’ I’m out…
  • Coffee: STARBUCKS heavy duty coffee is awesome and a special treat but you can come down really hard by lunch time and it could add calories depending on what you order.
  • Powders: So 1980s truck stop.
  • Red Bull: I had to warm up to it. The carbonation was annoying to me. Then I discovered what college kids first realized. It’s pretty darn good in a mixed drink with Vodka. So that’s become my favorite cocktail. I’m surprised at places that don’t carry Red Bull. Add a splash of cranberry juice for a little variety every now and then. Another thing to note about Red Bull is their continuous promotions with that cute little truck with the big can on top. I like a good marketing strategy.
  • 5-Hour Energy: I’ve got to just say it’s seriously the sure thing but just know that it’s not a miracle drink. If you’ve not slept good – it won’t help you; if you take it to keep you going for a road trip- it won’t help you. The key is drink it, force yourself to move then it will take it from there. Moving can be taking your dogs for a walk; vacuum; get on the treadmill or simply taking a shower. As to the actual five hours, that’s debatable. I like to think if I drink 1/2 of the bottle I will get 2.5 hours worth… etc. Always always drink it cold. When it’s store bought it’s doable but not as easy to take. Down it like a shot of nasty liquor.
  • 7-Hour Energy: This is something new I’m trying just for a break from 5-Hour. It’s produced by RedLine PowerRush. The jury is still out.

I do realize energy in your mind, your health, your fitness and more. That’s where you’ll find true, natural energy and when its working it’s the best energy of them all. And of course getting a great night’s sleep. Additionally, with my family’s bad history with heart disease, I am aware of the dangers of a fast heart-beat. I will probably cut back as I near my next decade. I’m all about protecting my heart now so I don’t have to live like my mom did in her last decade.

So there you have it – my energy drink advice. Take it or leave it… and tell me what works for you! The search continues….


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