Jane Sutter is awesome!

One of my favorite people – Jane Sutter is featured today in NewsOK‘s Executive Q&A. Don’t know her in depth. Met her while I was working at the Greater OKC Chamber and she was at ACOG (Association of Central Oklahoma Governments), run then by the much loved Zach Taylor. She’s got a great voice (it would have been perfect for radio) and always a smile. Here’s a profile of her as the head of the Girls & Boys Club. I think she’s found her calling. Oh – and footnotes: A son who is a reporter for CNN; loves Zumba dancing and has a truly great breed – a border collie she walks often.

Nonprofit chief believes former careers led her to her current job
After 30 years of government work, Jane Sutter welcomes challenge with Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma City.

By PAULA BURKES | Published: March 11, 2012
It was a little more than year ago, and only one week into Jane Sutter‘s official job as chief executive of the Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma City, when a winter storm dumped paralyzing snow on Oklahoma City, including the club building that is situated at the base of a slope at 3535 N Western Ave.

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