A Night at the Supper Club

Not the best side view or photo really but I still love it. Thanks for the dance Greg! Thanks for loaning me your man sweet Lisa!

I attended a “Supper Club” on Friday night at the Skirvin Hotel inside the Park Avenue Grill. It was billed as An evening with Wade Tower in the Park Avenue Grill. I really didn’t know exactly what the evening would be like but one of my biggest influencers Debbie Naifeh Engel was rallying in the troops. She can do that good. Debbie was encouraging classic Breakfast At Tiffany‘s looks for the women and for the men to be suave, Rat Pack style. I didn’t want to bother with an up-do but I wore a sparkling dress. I was number seven, seated at Debbie’s table for six. I was the odd man out but that soon paid off for me.

These men I know well. There was Jim Davis, Greg Naifeh, Mark Engel, Allen Brown, Frank Gartin, Steve Houser. Even Roddy Bates was there. It was his birthday! I’ve seen them at the lake, at parties, in Mamasitas, photos on Facebook, lots of places and they all looked great – really great. In tuxedos, suits… it was as if the Skirvin was purposely taking us through a time tunnel. And even better – their manners were so sweet and gentlemen-like. Of course the women – their dates, including spouses & significant others – were stunning too.

For me I really have no problems at all going places by myself. I think it stems back to when my parents flew me back and forth from Oklahoma to North Carolina when I was a pre-teen. I was classified as an “unaccompanied child.” It meant special privileges like being first to get off the plane. On this nigh,t I got some great privileges. Men came up and held their hand out as an offering of would you like to dance. I immediately said yes and thanked their other. The conversation with the dance was very pleasant. It was as if I was at that cotillion I never attended as a child.

This is the third supper club event the Skirvin has had. It’s a great way to highlight their fabulous restaurant the Park Avenue Grill.  Stay tuned for more events like this!

Myself with Caroline, Jeanna and the lovely Debbie.


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